Salt or Sugar are combined with Essential Oils and other Natural Ingredients
then applied to the skin. The result is Silky, Soft, Sexy Skin that Glows. This is a wonderful, relaxing treatment so call today to book your Appointment.

Salt Glow Treatment:
A delightful blend of essential oils and pure sea salt is used to massage the body and gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Then relax under a warmed blanket and let the heat and oils work their magic. The product is removed with hot steamed towels. Then an aromatic oil is applied to the body, resulting in an incredible arm-massage-woman.jpg experience.

Salt Scrub:
Rosemary Mint or Vanilla: A more abrasive exfoliant for weathered skin. It is more therapeutic with a higher mineral content. Thoroughly cleanses and promotes overall hygiene. Highly stimulating to rough neglected skin…(recommended).

Sugar Scrub: Brown sugar or Lavender: A gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin. It is more moisturizing with a higher emollient content.